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Kenvalley Vet Clinic

80 Langerman Drive
Tel:011 6153416
Fax:011 622 3685

Consulting Hours

Mon to Fri
08h00 to 11h00
15h30 to 19h00
09h00 to 12h00
Sundays/Public Holidays

Emergency No's

Eastside  Animal Emergency Clinic
011 4503157

Fourways Veterinary Hospital
011 7053411

We are a small animal companion animal veterinary hospital
We offer the following services

It is extremely important for both dogs and cats to be vaccinated against certain preventable and potentially fatal diseases such as Canine Parvo virus(catflu), this visit to the vet also allows us to perform a full health check on the animal and discuss any concerns you may have with us.

We recommend the following vaccination schedule :
6 weeks - First vaccination (5-in-1 Core vaccine)
9 weeks - Second Vaccination (booster)
12 weeks - First Rabies vaccination and Core Vaccine booster
16 weeks - Rabies Booster and Core Vaccine booster.
Thereafter annual Rabies and Core Vaccine Boosters.
9 weeks - First 3-in-1 Core vaccine and Leukemia Vaccine
12 weeks - First Rabies vaccine, a Core and leukemia vaccine booster.

16 weeks - Rabies booster.
Thereafter annual Rabies,Core and Leukemia Vaccine Boosters.

Weight Clinics

FREE Kenvalley Vet Weight Clinic.
Regular weight and measurement checks.
Hills reward program for targets achieved along the way 
and some vouchers to help pay for the j/d, r/d or m/d.

Ask us about NEW Hills Metabolic
and the great results seen with this new diet


Surgeries (including orthopaedic)

We offer a full range on general surgery and orthopaedic surgery including fracture repair and ligament repair

Diagnostics and Imaging

We carry a full range state of state of the the art equipment for imaging and diagnostics
Full Digital x-ray unit to allow quick, accurate x-rays and evaluation
Blood biochemistry analyser
Blood electrolyte analyser
Ultrasound services (in house and use of specialist)
Wet lab to examine blood, urine and faeces

Animals should have a regular (at least yearly at time of vaccination) dental check-up, unfortunately even with the best of care and feeding, animals will often require a dental scale and polish due to plaque build-up and may require extractions due to inflammation of the gums and tooth decay.

Please ask for our FREE dental check with a u/v light that shows up areas of plaque on the teeth that may require treatment.

These procedures require a general anaesthetic and need to be booked in advance. No food or water should be given from 8pm the night before the dental procedure, your pet should be dropped off at the practice between 8:00 and 8:30am and will be able to return home that same afternoon.

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